• Kansas Country Garden: Second Week of June
    Heat has arrived with a vengeance.  It’s hot. Really hot. 100+ degrees hot.  That means an end to cool season vegetables like lettuce and spinach. It means gardening early or late in the day. […]
  • Growing In Raised BedHow to Start a Raised Bed
    A raised bed garden is also called a garden box. These raised beds are great for growing vegetables as well as flowers. They help to prevent soil erosion since the soil is inside the boxes and they […]
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    Experience the pleasures of growing your own food in your own garden with companion planting and organic gardening. The ancient art of companion planting has been a revolutionary agricultural method […]
  • potatoes-1Potatoes Companion Plants
    Companion Planting in Zone 3 The reason for companion planting is to provide a more natural environment for the plants.  In nature, you find that plants naturally survive all mixed.  The plants […]
  • Seedlings John BlanpledHow to Start Vegetable Seeds
    Get Your Garden Started Right Starting your vegetable seeds is important because a good start to a growing plant affects viability of the plant for weeks or sometimes even months.  You can also save […]