• IMG_35265 Ways to Control Snails & Slugs
    Yesterday, I went to my garden after planting a handful of new seedlings.  I went with great anticipation because there had been some rain during the week.  I knew my garden would be looking great. […]
  • Organic GardenGuide to Companion Planting
    Experience the pleasures of growing your own food in your own garden with companion planting and organic gardening. The ancient art of companion planting has been a revolutionary agricultural method […]
  • Green BeansGreen Bean Checklist
    10 Steps to Growing Green Beans Beans are one of my favorite vegetables to grow.  They are also one of the easiest to grow so if you are a new gardener give green beans a try.  Here is a 10 step […]
  • Kansas Country Garden: First Week of June
    June is lovely this year in Kansas. Adequate rains make lush vegetable and flower gardens. The temperature is mild, but we know the heat is coming.  Planting is complete (or should be anyway) and […]
  • Prepare Garden Soil
    Preparing the soil properly is the foundation of a fantastic garden. […]